#131 - Wonder and Think What Nobody Has Thought
The Sprinkler Nerd ShowAugust 11, 202313:0712 MB

#131 - Wonder and Think What Nobody Has Thought

YouTube Reference Video: https://youtu.be/U5DXOiTOLFI


Do you wonder?
Seriously. Are you activity questioning what you know, what you do, and why you do it?
Do you leave room for wonder?
Do you leave room to be curious?
Do you create space for yourself to consider new options and new approaches through the lens of curiosity and wonderment?
Let me give you an example.
Let's use Green Grass. This is often the " goal " of many property owners. They wat green grass, right?
Is water the only way to keep grass green?
Is lack of water the reason grass is not green?
Could water be the escape goat for grass not being green enough?
Are you being blamed for lack of water because the grass is not green, enough?
Could there be different shades of green?
how do you know what shade of green your client expects?
What if there was another way?
What if water was only one the factors to keep grass green?
What if....what if.....what if....
do you make space for yourself to questions and consider all the other options?
What if the answer to green grass was a combination of Plant, Soil, Water.
What did I just say?
Seems obvious, right? Yeah, plant soil water, duh? So if you are only the irrigator, and not the lawn care provider, perhaps consider advising your client that water is just ONE factor.
As irrigators, it can be easy to only think about water, and forget to think about the balance of the plant / soil / water relationship.
Let me give you an example and sort sparked this episode and my curiosity, and caused me WONDER.
I'm going to play a clip from my friend George's YouTube channel.
The name of George's channel is, Princess Cut Lawn Care. Definitely check it out, it is super entertaining and informative.
And in this recent video, George talks about heat stress and ways to keep your lawn green during a drought.