#172 - Eyes Wide Open
The Sprinkler Nerd ShowJune 14, 202410:384.25 MB

#172 - Eyes Wide Open

This podcast episode is a motivational reminder for professionals to maintain an open mind and actively seek new knowledge and experiences.


  1. Embrace an Open Mindset: Keeping an open mind is crucial for discovering new opportunities and innovations.
  2. Importance of New Conversations: Engaging with new people and ideas can lead to significant breakthroughs.
  3. Technology and Innovation: Encountering groundbreaking technology that could revolutionize the irrigation industry.
  4. Overcoming Initial Bias: It's essential to look beyond initial skepticism or bias towards new ideas and products.
  5. Creating Luck: Luck is often the result of continuous effort and openness to opportunities rather than mere chance.


In this episode of the Sprinkler Nerd Show, host Andy Humphrey discusses the concept of keeping one’s “eyes wide open” as a way to stay receptive to new ideas, opportunities, and innovations, particularly within the irrigation and landscape industry. He emphasizes the importance of an open mindset in both personal and professional contexts.

Andy begins by explaining that expressing thoughts out loud helps him remember them better. This episode serves as a reminder to himself and his listeners to stay open-minded. He introduces the concept of "eyes wide open," which he describes as the practice of seeing beyond what we want to see and remaining aware of what actually exists and what possibilities might be available.

He recounts an experience from earlier in the day, where he had an unexpectedly profound conversation with an entrepreneur developing innovative technology outside the United States. Initially hesitant to engage, Andy decided to attend the meeting with an open mind and was amazed by the groundbreaking software technology relevant to his industry. This encounter reinforced his belief in the value of being open to new ideas and perspectives.

Andy highlights how easy it is to dismiss new products or ideas, especially when one is loyal to a particular brand or has had negative experiences with other brands. He notes that often, people approach new conversations with a closed mindset, either out of habit or preconceived notions. This can lead to missed opportunities and hinder progress. By contrast, approaching interactions with an open mind allows for potential discoveries and innovations.

He uses the example of his industry, where brands like Rain Bird or Hunter are predominant, and how professionals might resist considering products from other brands due to brand loyalty or preconceived biases. He stresses that it’s crucial to entertain new ideas and test new products to stay ahead in the industry. This open-minded approach can lead to significant advancements and better solutions.

Andy also addresses the concept of luck, challenging the common perception that successful people are merely lucky. He argues that what appears to be luck is often the result of numerous efforts and opportunities seized over time. By keeping their eyes wide open, individuals can create their own luck through continuous learning and openness to new possibilities.

This podcast episode is a motivational reminder for professionals to maintain an open mind and actively seek new knowledge and experiences. Andy encourages his listeners to engage with new people, explore new technologies, and be willing to entertain meetings and conversations that might initially seem unimportant. He believes that this mindset will lead to personal and professional growth and ultimately contribute to shaping a successful future.

In conclusion, Andy Humphrey’s message in this episode is clear: staying open-minded and receptive to new ideas and opportunities is essential for innovation and success. By embracing an "eyes wide open" approach, individuals can overcome biases, discover groundbreaking technologies, and create their own luck through continuous effort and engagement with the world around them.